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If you have 5 OR LESS ITEMS: come in anytime during our regular business hours for a quote. No appointment needed.

If you have 25 OR LESS ITEMS: come in anytime between 10:00am and 3:00pm Tuesday through Saturday. No appointment needed.

If you have MORE THAN 25 ITEMS: make appointment(click below). You will drop off the items that you have to sell/trade and we will have your quote ready on the following business day. There is no limit to how many items you bring to sell/trade for this type of appointment.



Do I get cash or trade?

It's your choice. We will look through your items and make you both a cash or trade offer for the items that we are interested in. 

How much will I get?

It depends on the age, condition, and popularity of the item. For clothing, shoes, toys, and accessories we usually offer 40% of our retail price in trade and 25% in cash. For  larger baby gear, toys, new clothing, and/or very popular items, we offer up to 70% of our retail price in trade or 50% cash. If items need cleaning, batteries, or replacement parts, the percentage amount will be reduced accordingly. We strive to keep our prices reasonable and to give you a competitive trade in/cash value!

What can I buy with my trade?

The trade value is good for all items in the store including used, new, and handmade items.

How long is the trade good for?
Your trade is good for up to 1 year. If you don't use all of it right away, you will get a balance card to bring in next time.

Do I need an appointment?

Yes. Just make an appointment and you can drop your items off and we will give you a completion time. Your quote is usually ready within 24 hours. 

What can I sell?

We accept a large variety of items for babies, toddlers and kids up to age 8. Please refer to the guidelines below:





* PLEASE WASH CLOTHING PRIOR TO BRINGING IT IN, even if it has been in storage.


* Rather than folding, PLEASE STACK CLOTHING in neat piles in a container (bag, plastic bin, box, etc.). Stacking is faster and easier for us and you!

* Clothing must be clean and free of stains, holes, pilling, damage or obvious signs of wear!


* Please do not put clothing on hangers.


* It is not necessary to sort item by size, BUT please put all matching outfits together (pajamas, shirts with matching bottoms, dresses with bloomers, multi-piece sets).


Following these guidelines will improve your chances of selling your items and will also make the process quicker for everyone :)


-Clothing sizes: Preemie all the way through age 8 (Preemie, NB, 0-3M, 3-6M, 6M, 6-9M, 9M, 12M, 18M, 24M, 2T, 3T, 4T, 5T, 6, 6x, 7, and 8). Shoes from Preemie/New Born sizes up to kids size 13 (this is approximately age 8) 


* We look for clothing that is not only in good condition, but also in style.  


*We generally do not have many brand restrictions. We take current Target brands like Cat & Jack, Genuine Kids, Art Class, and (newer) Carters brand. We take sporty brands like Nike, Adidas, Hurley, etc. We also look for brands such as Baby Gap, H&M Baby, Zara, Kate Quinn, Matilda Jane, Angel Dear, as well as other higher end and boutique brands.


-What we take can depend on various factors such as the season, what is currently selling/popular, and what we do or do not have in stock at the time.  You are welcome to call us at (520)203-7372 if you have specific questions regarding what we are currently looking for.



GEAR and FURNITURE: Items must be CLEAN and free of stains or obvious signs of wear. All original parts must be included with items and be in good working condition. For safety reasons, much of the gear that we accept is less than 5-6 years old (please check the manufacturer dates on the item). If the item is battery-operated, working batteries are required. Instructional manuals are not required. All gear is checked for recalls prior to purchase. 

Examples of Baby Gear and Furniture:






-Baby Seats 

-Booster Seats

-Baby Gyms 

-Pack and Plays

-Play Yards

-Baby Gates 




-Changing Tables

-Toddler Furniture 

-Car Seats (*** no more than 2 years old ***)



TOYS: We take infant and toddler toys (for ages NB to 8 years). Toys must be CLEAN and include all of their original pieces in working order. Battery operated items must include working batteries. 

-Educational musical/light up toys in all sizes 

-Crib Toys 

-Wood Toys

-Soft Books and board books

-Games and puzzles 

-Ride-on toys (cars, rocking horses, trikes, small bikes, etc.) 

-Building block sets 




​OTHER STUFF: Items must be CLEAN and free of stains or obvious signs of wear. Items must have all their original parts and be in full working condition.

-Maternity Clothing​

-Nursing Bras

-Cloth diapers 

-Baby carriers

-Nursing or pregnancy pillows


-Blankets and bedding sets 

-Miscellaneous baby items that are still in their original packaging (pacifiers, bottles, car-seat covers, teething toys, infant head supports, towels and washcloths, gift sets, etc.)



-recalled items

-used breast pumps

-used bottles