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Sell Your Handmade Baby Goods at Little Bird Nesting Company (LBNC)!


What is LBNC looking for?

Unique and modern baby gifts, clothing, and toys! 

How does it work?

Handmade goods are sold on consignment with 60% of the selling price going to the artist/manufacturer. We work with you to establish a price structure that works for our customers and is worthwhile for the artist/manufacturer. 

Do I need an appointment?

No, but it is recommended. For an appointment, please contact Charlotte at (520)203-7372 or

What are the general guidelines for handmade items:

-Items must be tagged and include size (if applicable). It is recommended that the tag include an item description and/or instructions. 

-It is preferable that you have a brand name for your items (eg. Jelly Bean Hair Bows, Jenni's Creations, etc.)

-You may include your website, Etsy shop, or contact information on the tag if you like.

-It is preferable to have multiple items in order to create an attractive display of your products.

-Business cards are recommended if you offer custom orders as they will be displayed at the store for customers to take. 

Does Little Bird Nesting Company buy handmade items for wholesale?

Occasionally we do buy small wholesale lots. If you offer a wholesale pricing structure and think that your product is a match for us, please contact Charlotte at (520)203-7372 or

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